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The Benefit Bank: An Aid to Public Benefits in Minnesota.

Henriksen, David

This paper is an extensive analysis regarding The Benefit Bank and the current public benefit application, certification, and outreach processes in Minnesota. In this analysis the existing Minnesota public benefits that would be covered by The Benefit Bank were examined, along with a study of how the current application and certification process in Minnesota is conducted. This study also examined why many public benefits are not being used by the eligible population and how The Benefit Bank can help increase utilization. The Benefit Bank's Federal Tax application system has produced the highest monetary value to applicants in six out of the six states examined of The Benefit Bank States Arkansas (AR), Ohio (OH), Mississippi (MS), Kansas (KS), Pennsylvania (PA), and Florida (FL). Most states have had and still have difficulty in collaborating with The State Government. In states such as Ohio where The State Government was fully supportive of The Benefit Bank, there has been the largest number of benefits produced ($37.2 million dollars, since 2006). Through faith-based groups, non-profit organizations, and state and city departments and programs, The Benefit Bank has been implemented and has generated income for thousands of individuals and families.

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Prepared in partnership with the Minnesota Council of Churches. Funded by a Communiversity Personnel Grant from the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA), University of Minnesota.
33 pp.
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