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Where Do They Go? Foreclosure and Residential Mobility Patterns in the Twin Cities

The foreclosure crisis continues to weave a destructive path through the communities of Minnesota. At the neighborhood level, some of the impacts of foreclosure are self-evident; abandoned and boarded structures abound in highly impacted neighborhoods, and maps of foreclosures have given us an understanding of the spatial distribution of the crisis in the Twin Cities metropolitan area. Yet, the individuals and households caught up in foreclosure remain nearly invisible, and very little is known about the mobility patterns of those who have lost their shelter due to foreclosure. Jeff Crump (Design, Housing, and Apparel) will undertake a study to determine the mobility patterns of households in Hennepin and Dakota Counties that have gone through foreclosure. Using housing mobility data available from Excensus LLC, the study will examine and analyze, at the census tract level, patterns of residential mobility that are linked to the foreclosure process and compare them with the predominant movement patterns of nonforeclosure households. This research has the potential to suggest appropriate regional policy, investment, and development recommendations to address foreclosures.

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Edward Goetz Director, CURA (612) 624-8737