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West Side District Plan

In St. Paul, the city is divided into districts, with WSCO the official planning council for District 3. Part of the responsibility of the organization is to facilitate the creation and updating of the communities District Plan and related small area plans. WSCO is beginning the process of developing a new District Plan. These plans, once created, are formally adopted as part of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. On the West Side, the most recent version of the District Plan was developed in 1997. Since that time, a number of small area and site specific redevelopment plans have been approved. Unfortunately, there is no current guiding document to inform the content of these plans. Justin Svingen, an Urban and Regional Planning graduate student at the Humphrey School, synthesized the existing small area plans to determine how they complement or contradict one another. The results are being used to ensure the community-defined goals for the area will be incorporated into future efforts.

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C Terrence Anderson Director of Community Based Research (612) 624-8988