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West Bank Community Coalition / Cedar Riverside Neighborhood Revitalization Program

CURA is not affiliated with the West Bank Community Coalition (WBCC). If you need to reach the WBCC, please contact them directly at (612) 260-4741.

The West Bank Community Coalition (WBCC), Cedar-Riverside Neighborhood Revitalization Program (CRNRP,) and the Cedar Humphrey Action for Neighborhood Collaborative Engagement (CHANCE) Program are neighborhood-wide organizations committed to strengthening local networks and leadership in the neighborhood. The WBCC is the recognized citizen participation organization. CRNRP is responsible for oversight of the city’s NRP funds in the neighborhood, and CHANCE aims to create an effective partnership between the University of Minnesota and the Cedar-Riverside community. Together, CRNRP, WBCC, and CHANCE coordinated community outreach efforts for the 2010 Census in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood. The Census is incredibly important as it is used to allocate more than $400 billion in federal aid, or $1,460 for every person. With a diverse population of immigrants, low-income workers, and children, the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood was especially at risk for an undercount. In fact, the Census predicted Cedar-Riverside as one of the hardest to count areas in the state. From the beginning of the year through April 27, 2010, the Census Engagement team worked with the neighborhood to raise more than $8,000 to produce seven large engagement events, train 17 Neighborhood Census Liaisons (NCLs), and knock on more than 1,000 Cedar-Riverside doors to empower local residents to actively participate in the census and to strengthen the community. The project resulted in a significant increase in returned census forms.

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Census 2010
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C Terrence Anderson Director of Community Based Research (612) 624-8988