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Utilizing Local Mineral Resources in Energy Storage of Wind Energy with Hydrogen

The purpose of this project is to analyze a new way to use local Minnesota mineral resources to improve the efficiency of hydrogen generation from wind-generated electrical energy. The proposed process, if successful, will directly contribute to the state's goal of developing precommercial technologies to lay the basis for a sustainable energy infrastructure and a hydrogen economy. J. Woods Halley (School of Physics and Astronomy) will seek to electrochemically produce hydrogen from wind generated electricity, splitting water atoms and generating hydrogen using local mineral resources in the electrodes of the generator. This process is expected to substantially lower the electrical cost of generating hydrogen. The hydrogen generated may be used to replace hydrocarbons both in transportation and in industrial production, reducing their carbon imprint. The project is a collaboration with the Minnesota Department of Commerce's Office of Energy Security. Further development of the technology would involve industry (Xcel), state (Department of Commerce), and/or federal (Department of Energy) support.

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Minnesota Department of Commerce, Office of Energy Security
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Edward Goetz Director, CURA (612) 624-8737

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