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Tuttle Campus Garden and Outdoor Classroom

The Southeast Como Improvement Association (SECIA) was founded to maintain and enhance the physical, social, and economic environment of the neighborhood. Tatanka Academy is the first public, year-round Pre-K-3 full-year school in Minnesota aimed at ensuring academic and social success of children living in poverty. Heritage Academy is a contract school in the Minneapolis Public School System. The presence of these two schools creates a combination of students separated by age and language. An abandoned garden will be reclaimed as an “outdoor classroom.” This will be a place where U.S.-born and recent immigrant children can learn about plants and gardening and at the same time offers students and neighbors an area in which to forge partnerships. This project will enhance curriculum for the students, improve connections between the neighbors and the schools, provide a shared hands-on project to integrate students from both schools, and develop relationships between the students and SECIA members.

Project Award Date: 
Community organization or agency: 
Southeast Como Improvement Association (SECIA) / Tatanka Academy / Heritage Academy of Science and Technology
Sponsoring CURA Program: 
CURA Contact: 
C Terrence Anderson Director of Community Based Research (612) 624-8988