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Strategies for Improving the Quality of Life, Livability and Safety of the Bossen Area

Nokomis East Neighborhood Association (NENA) serves the residents of four south Minneapolis neighborhoods: Keewaydin, Minnehaha, Morris Park and Wenonah. Council Member Council Member John Quincy recently organized a new working group, called Benefitting Bossen, to address livability problems in the Bossen area. The group includes police, fire, inspections, city attorney, and council member offices; social service agencies, NENA, and others. Its work to date has been to ensure that inspections of buildings are up-to-date, review problem properties for actions the City can take to address problems, add police patrol time to the area, and share information. Kristen James, a Public Affairs graduate student in the Humphrey School, evaluated current initiatives, developed strategies and made recommendations to the Benefitting Bossen group. The results are being used to guide the group in making improvements to the Bossen area.

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Nokomis East Neighborhood Association
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C Terrence Anderson Director of Community Based Research (612) 624-8988