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Somali Youth Against Violence

Somali Youth Against Violence is an organization that works as a unified force for Somali youth, aiming to eliminate the roots of violence and guide children on a secure path to success. Their project will explore the root causes of violence, its surrounding culture of silence, and internally and externally mobilize the Somali community to build awareness and support against it. The project will use stories of families, affected youth, mosque leaders, and other community members and organizations to bring the epidemic of Somali youth violence to the forefront of the community’s mind through community dialogues and a media campaign. The effort will engage both the Somali community and non-Somali community to engage with Minneapolis police and other groups to change the culture of violence for Somali youth and create visible and lasting change for Somali children and their families. They will build awareness and mobilize the community through public announcements and a series of layered and collaborative community dialogues.


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Somali Youth Against Violence
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C Terrence Anderson Director of Community Based Research (612) 624-8988