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Sharing the Same Sun: Lessons Learned from Minnesota – A Collaborative Research Initiative on Community Solar Programs

What is the best way to deploy solar energy to maximize clean energy growth while equitably sharing benefits? A promising model is that of community solar programs, which enable energy consumers to purchase shares of electricity generated in a nearby offsite solar project. In this project, I will evaluate Minnesota’s community solar programs, some of the earliest and largest in the country. I will utilize data on project development across the state and case studies of projects in several Minnesota utility territories to study the implementation of community solar programs. Of particular interest is the cost-effectiveness, equitable sharing of costs and benefits, and community engagement in developing community solar projects. This study will focus on Minnesota’s experience to lay the foundation for a comparative analysis of community solar programs across the country and to launch a collaborative research and outreach initiative to inform program development in Minnesota and other states. Researcher: Gabriel Chan (Humphrey School of Public Affairs)

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Edward Goetz Director, CURA (612) 624-8737