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Scaling Up Local Foods for Institutional Demand in West Central Minnesota What does the market really want?:

Carol Ford and Chuck Waibel own and operate Garden Goddess Produce, a unique winter community supported agriculture (CSA) organization in Milan. With the U of M West Central Partnership they are working on scaling up local foods production for institutions and retail in the West Central Minnesota region. Produce and commodity farmers need help in transitioning to produce and meat production for local markets, as well as to consider cooperative business models. Sarah Goodspeed a Science Technology and Environmental Policy student at the Humphrey School, will perform an intensive market study of institutions in the region to provide solid data and to build a network of relationships. The results will be used to assist local farmers in finding institutional markets for their produce and determine the real demand for produce.

Project Award Date: 
Community organization or agency: 
Garden Goddess
Sponsoring CURA Program: 
CURA Contact: 
C Terrence Anderson Director of Community Based Research (612) 624-8988