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Open Space Preservation in Hassan Township

Hassan Township had an adopted Park, Trail, and Greenway plan, as well as a land use ordinance to encourage protection of open space and sensitive natural areas. However, neither the plan nor the ordinance adequately provided for the acquisition, management, and perpetual preservation of open space parcels, and the ordinance was poorly coordinated with the greenway plan. A graduate student in landscape architecture assisted the community to identify acquisition and management best practices, as well as document the benefits of open space preservation. Project partners included staff and elected officials of the City of Rogers, which had an orderly annexation agreement with Hassan Township. The project report documented the value of open space protection, identified strategies for acquiring properties in the designated greenway corridor, summarized policies and best practices for preserving and managing open spaces, and assessed the fiscal impacts of public ownership and management of open space parcels. This information was used to inform the township's efforts to refine its open space plan and adopt policies to begin implementing the plan.

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Hassan Township
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