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Neighborhood Renewal through Dialogue and Action

Prospect Park East River Road Improvement Association (PPERRIA) is the neighborhood organization for the Southeast area of Minneapolis. Somali Women in Minneapolis (SWIM), a program of East Side Neighborhood Services, started in 1999 and has worked to provide a continuum of family and individual services in the Southeast and Northeast communities that enables Somali families to live in safe homes, develop positive family relationships, and participate in developing a community life that is safe and supportive. Twin Cities Gray Panthers (TCGP), a network of the National Gray Panthers, started in 1972 and has worked to address social and economic justice issues such as healthcare, peace, the environment, and ageism. The project plan engaged 60 Somali residents in a series of intergenerational dialogues exploring key issues of importance to the neighborhood and the Somali community. Following the dialogues participants prioritized issues, developed an action plan addressing the concerns, and organized people to implement the plan. Participants identified community safety as the priority issue, with related concerns around violence and youth issues. Approximately 30 members of the Somali community continue to be regularly involved. A leadership team is continuing the work.

Project Award Date: 
Community organization or agency: 
Prospect Park East River Road Improvement Association / Somali Women in Minneapolis / Twin Cities Grey Panthers
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CURA Contact: 
C Terrence Anderson Director of Community Based Research (612) 624-8988