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Minneapolis-St. Paul Regional Cluster Competitiveness Study

The research team of Lee Munnich (Humphrey School of Public Affairs), Yingling Fan (Humphrey School), Nebiyou Tilahun (University of Illinois–Chicago), and Matt Schmit (Humphrey School) will produce an in-depth study of the Minneapolis–St. Paul region’s competitive industry clusters. The study will provide a report on the 13 most competitive clusters, as well as the corporate headquarters concentration in the Twin Cities metropolitan region, and develop benchmarks for comparing the region’s progress in these clusters to other metro regions. This research will add to the knowledge base on the dynamics of regional economies and the factors that influence economic competitiveness. A regional cluster advisory group will engage key academic, business, and government stakeholders, and will review the research produced by the team. Two regional cluster industry forums will be held—the first, in September 2012, will host the regional partners for the U.S. Economic Development Administration’s Cluster Mapping Project; the second, in May 2013, will highlight the results of the year-long study of competitiveness clusters in the Twin Cities.

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