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The Local Learning System: Extending and Testing the Model

In South East Minneapolis the Southeast Minneapolis Council on Learning (SEMCOL) has developed the basic concepts and components of a community-based way to understand learning. At the same time WSCO, working with Cherokee Heights elementary school and the Neighborhood Learning Community in Saint Paul, have been approaching the same problems. Given the work completed over the past three years and the partnerships and working relationships that have developed, SEMCOL feels it is in a position to test its model by working with WSCO to organize a systematic collection of data related to learning opportunities on the west side of Saint Paul. Matthew Carlson, a PHD student in Curriculum, Education and Instruction, collected data on the learning system in St. Paul. The results are being used to support new proposals to support learning in the community. In St. Paul the results will be shared with the developing community.

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C Terrence Anderson Director of Community Based Research (612) 624-8988