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Internet Café for Homeless People

Twin Cities Community Voice Mail (TCCVM) provides life-sustaining tools for people who are homeless and are very low income or have no income. TCCVM wants to assess the need for an Internet Café to help bring very low income people into the technology mainstream. Participants could use the center to look for work and apply for jobs, create resumes, look for housing, and keep in touch with healthcare providers. In addition they could communicate with family and friends, research information on topics of concern to them, and give them the opportunity to participate in social media, do digital storytelling, and create their own media, all in a safe environment. Rebecca Orrick, a Public Policy graduate student in the Humphrey School, gathered data that will determine the need and possible models for developing an Internet Café for homeless people in the metro area. The results are being used to advocate for supporting and Internet Café.

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Twin Cities Community Voice Mail
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