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Improving Community Access to Healthy Foods Through the Minneapolis Staple Food Ordinance

Improving access to healthy foods has been identified as a key strategy for local governments to prevent obesity and promote healthy eating. In early 2015, Minneapolis plans to implement an ordinance requiring all food stores to carry specific healthy foods and beverages as a requirement for licensing. This would be the only policy of its kind in the Unites States and would have important impacts on food access, particularly in underserved neighborhoods and in small food stores (“corner stores”) that do not currently stock these items. This project will provide insights into anticipated issues with policy implementation and compliance, including analyzing food environment assessments in small stores most likely to be challenged by this policy, conducting interviews with store owners identifying potential challenges, sharing these findings with city officials and key stakeholders, and helping advise the Health Department in their strategic planning for policy implementation and support programming. Researcher: Melissa Laska (School of Public Health). 

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Health Department
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Edward Goetz Director, CURA (612) 624-8737