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Hmong Tutoring Program

Hmong students

Hmong students

Minnesota is changing and so too must the University of Minnesota adapt to reflect those changes. If the University of Minnesota is to be a vital part of the community, and if Minnesota is going to educate future leaders, immigrant communities have to have exposure to higher education institutions. MCNO programs provide access to the University for immigrant youth and youth of color. We believe that all children should know that a college education is a possibility. 

To that end, we have created a tutoring program that pairs up recent Hmong immigrants with Hmong college students at the University of Minnesota. This program helps youth with their class work, but just as importantly provides them with an opportunity to visit the University on a regular basis and see that it is possible for immigrant youth to seek higher education. At the same time, through our partnership with the Hmong Minnesota Student Associaiton, we create opportunities for college students to contribute in a meaningful way to the community.

In addition to tutoring, MCNO has provided access to the University and its programs for Latino and Hmong youth both through formal programs such as Kids on Campus and Physics Force, as well as by arranging informal tours and campus visits. Each time children are exposed to the University environment, it is an opportunity for children to realize that the University belongs to them as well as everyone else in the state of Minnesota, that higher education is possible, and that their futures depend on getting a good education.

You can view a photo slideshow about this project at http://share.snacktools.com/5DBBB56BDC9/pztpy3mp.

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Ned Moore Neighborhood Leadership and Organizing Program Director (612) 625-5805
Malik (Christopher) Holt-Shabazz Neighborhood Leadership and Organizing Program Coordinator (612) 624-2300