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Healthy Native Youth - Recovering Healing Relationships with Food

Dream of Wild Health (DWH) farm is a program of Peta Wakan Tipi, a St. Paul based non-profit that provides transitional housing to American Indian people in recovery. Located on a 10-acre organic farm in Hugo, MN, Dream of Wild Health provides access to traditional foods and medicines and critical health education programs for Native people. DWH would like to understand the impact of programming on the family meals of youth participants by developing a “food experience questionnaire” that would look at food choices and interaction with food in a cultural context that is both experiential and relational. Cassandra Silviera, a Nutrition graduate student in the School of Public Health, developed and administered the FEQ, interviewed students, and recorded observations. The results are being used to bring indigenous worldviews and values into dietary assessment processes.

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Peta Wkan Tipi
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