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The Generations Project: Exploring Indigenous Voices Using Photovoice

The Generations Project proposes to engage indigenous community members in a Community-Based Participatory Research process using Photovoice. Photovoice places cameras in the hands of community members so they may visually represent and communicate to others their lived experiences. Working with members of the Duluth Indigenous Commission, thirty indigenous community residents (10 youth, 10 adults, 10 elders) will be recruited to represent community “Generations” and to document community needs and strengths through photography. Photovoice contributors will convene to participate in a photo-based discussion to identify themes, suggest policy strategies, and formulate action steps to be addressed by resident-identified groups who will carry out social action. Project results will be disseminated through community forums that will promote dialogue across the indigenous and broader Duluth communities while enabling Photovoice participants to display photographic images that reflect and celebrate indigenous voices and culture. Researcher: James W. Amell (University of Minnesota-Duluth, Department of Social Work)

Project Award Date: 
Community organization or agency: 
Duluth Indigenous Commission
Sponsoring CURA Program: 
CURA Contact: 
Edward Goetz Director, CURA (612) 624-8737