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Evaluation of Foreclosure Prevention Outreach

The Hawthorne Neighborhood Council (HNC) is a neighborhood association bordered by the Mississippi River on the east, Emerson Avenue on the west, Broadway Avenue to the south, and Lowry Avenue to the north. HNC works with Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity, the Home Ownership Center, and other foreclosure prevention counseling service providers. HNC uses data that compiles the first public notice of mortgage delinquency to specifically target north Minneapolis residents who are most at risk of foreclosure. Instead of canvassing an entire neighborhood, volunteers go directly to those households. Three main outreach methods are being used: hand-written letters, fliers left at the house when no one is home, and direct face-to-face contact. Casie Moen, an Urban and Regional Planning graduate student at the Humphrey School, evaluated the effectiveness of the foreclosure prevention outreach program. The results are being used to improve the program.

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Community organization or agency: 
Hawthorne Neighborhood Council
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C Terrence Anderson Director of Community Based Research (612) 624-8988