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Eating Is an Agri-cultural Act: Understanding Food Systems from the Perspective of Citizens Who Eat and Exploring Policy Possibilities for Local Units of Government.

We consume food to physiologically reproduce our bodies, but in the process we also create cultural and political realities; food is at the core of health, illness, prosperity, and poverty. As a policy arena, food has been relegated for decades through national decision making and farm bill subsidies that favor large-scale production of commodity products. However, the past few decades have also seen the rise of a grassroots movement to create robust local and regional food systems. David Syring (Sociology and Anthropology, U of M Duluth) will build on previous research and intensive regional activism that has led to nascent regional food possibilities in northeast Minnesota. In collaboration with businesses, nonprofits, and local units of government, Syring will use quantitative and qualitative methods to assess the understandings of citizens regarding the value of local food, as well as collect best and future practices for local governments to enhance local food options and economic opportunities for producers, processors, distributors, and eaters.

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