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Developing a South Minneapolis Neighborhood Index

Founded in 1977, Hope Community is a community development organization that stayed through neighborhood devastation and disinvestment to create a healthy, stable, culturally diverse and mixed-income neighborhood for the long-term. In the wake of the foreclosure crisis South Minneapolis (Hope’s area), while not as devastated by foreclosures, continues to be a diverse, economically challenged community, very much affected by the struggling economy. There are no major initiatives to develop a comprehensive strategy/vision for South Minneapolis, or even to paint a picture of how the area has fared through the economic upheaval of recent years. The idea of a “Neighborhood Index” was inspired by the work that CURA and the Federal Reserve did in partnership with groups on the North side of Minneapolis to develop the “North Minneapolis Housing Index.” Going beyond just housing, this index for South Minneapolis would help paint the picture of the area’s commercial, workforce, education, transportation, and other key indicators, providing insight for area groups such as Hope in developing their work strategies. Renan Snowden, a Masters of Urban and Regional Planning student at the Humphrey School, will gather data and aid in the creation of the neighborhood index. The results will be used to help guide Hope Community in assessing future development/revitalization in South Minneapolis and as a focal point to develop partnerships with area organizations.

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Hope Community
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C Terrence Anderson Director of Community Based Research (612) 624-8988

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