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Developing a Framework for Evaluating Comprehensive Foreclosure Recovery Efforts

PRG is a housing partner for families and communities with a mission to provide quality, affordable housing and related services that contribute to family self-sufficiency and neighborhood stability. As a housing developer, PRG has focused on specific projects and places in response to community requests, using a community development model but their education and counseling services have not been linked to places in such an intentional way. In 2010 PRG is deploying these two programs in tandem, publicizing and encouraging the use of pre-purchase and foreclosure counseling services in the same, concentrated geographical areas where they are focusing housing development work. Jennifer Day, an Urban and Regional Planning graduate student in the Humphrey School, developed a framework for evaluating the effectiveness of a comprehensive foreclosure recovery strategy for families and communities. The results are being used to improve the program.

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C Terrence Anderson Director of Community Based Research (612) 624-8988