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Conceptual Plan for Phased Land Management on a Development Site Adjoining a Natural Area

Sparc is a neighborhood-based community development corporation. Sparc creates and maintains healthy, affordable, and sustainable neighborhoods by improving residential and commercial vitality in Saint Paul. Sparc owns a 3-acre site at Maryland and Western in St. Paul that they plan to develop. Phase 1 is a farm business incubator project on currently vacant land, Phase 2 is construction, and Phase 3 will integrate fresh food production within a green housing development on the site. There is a need to answer the question: What are low-cost, high-impact landscaping characteristics and activities that would sustainably integrate the uses of the site during its different phases of development? Barrett Steenrod, a Landscape Architecture graduate student in the College of Design, created a site plan for Sparc’s 3-acre property as a pilot for green techniques that will integrate for-profit food production, edible landscaping, and recreation. The results are being used to plan for implementation of the farm incubator project in the short term, and about the built environment in the long term.

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