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Analysis of Refugees Relocating to Worthington

Lifetrack Resources is a nonprofit human services organization with a mission to work together to develop the strengths within children, families, and adults facing the greatest life challenges. In 2009 there were a large number of new Karen and Burmese refugees who transplanted to Worthington, MN.  They were excited to move to the area due to high-paying jobs at the JBS Company pork processing plant where English language was not a requirement for employment. Many, but not all, of the refugees were assisted in resettlement by nonprofit refugee employment service agencies located in the Twin Cities. This research project looked at how the influx of new refugees has impacted and/or revitalized Worthington. Barbara Stone, a doctoral student in the College of Education and Human Development, conducted interviews and focus groups with Karen and Burmese refugees who have relocated to Worthington in the past 1-2 years. The results are being used to strengthen existing work with communities outside of the metro area, including Worthington and Albert Lea (MN).

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