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Agricultural Zoning and “Greening” the Development Code in Scott County

The Scott County Planning Department was updating the county's zoning and subdivision ordinances to implement its newly adopted 2030 Comprehensive Plan Update. The County had recently formed a farm advisory task force to help the Planning Department, among other things, evaluate the county's zoning rules as they relate to farming and agricultural land uses. However, the department did not have the resources to research emerging trends and best practices in agricultural zoning approaches. In addition, the Planning Department was concerned that the county development code did not adequately acknowledge or address emerging trends in sustainable development practices. A graduate student in urban and regional planning researched agricultural zoning approaches in other counties in large metropolitan areas that are experiencing rapid urbanization, and conducted an audit of the county's development code with respect to emerging sustainability practices in the areas of alternative energy systems, tree preservation, water quality, and stormwater management. The resulting report and audit were used by the Farm Advisory Task Force and the Scott County Planning Advisory Commission to recommend specific ordinance updates to the planning department and planning commission.

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Scott County Department of Planning
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