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Thank you to Neeraj Mehta

Neeraj Mehta is leaving CURA after 6 years

Neeraj Mehta is leaving CURA after 6 years

May 17, 2018
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“It is with mixed feelings that we here at CURA say goodbye to Neeraj Mehta who is leaving to take an exciting position as director of learning at the McKnight Foundation. The McKnight Foundation has given so much to CURA over the years that we can hardly begrudge them when the flow goes the other way! Neeraj served as our director of community based programs during his six years at CURA and helped us channel resources to countless community organizations in the metro area and across the state. He also kept CURA in the middle of all of the important discussions taking place in this region regarding equity and development. We wish him the best as he begins his new role at McKnight!”

 – Ed Goetz, CURA director