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CURA and Hennepin County Receive NACO Achievement Award

Photo of Doty and Callison

Kathie Doty, Hennepin County Relations Liaison (left), and Jan Callison, Hennepin County Commissioner

August 26, 2009
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CURA and Hennepin County recently received an Achievement Award from the National Association of Counties (NACO) for the Hennepin-University Partnership. Begun in 1970, the annual Achievement Award Program is a non-competitive awards program that recognizes innovative county government programs. Awards are given in a number of program categories such as arts and historic preservation, children and youth, community and economic development, jails-corrections, county administration, emergency management, environmental protection, health, human services, libraries, parks and recreation, transportation, and volunteers.

The Hennepin-University Partnership (HUP) is a strategic alignment between Hennepin County and the University of Minnesota focused on connecting where mutual benefit can be found. This includes collaboration on community-based research, sharing of academic and practitioner expertise, and providing students with “real-world experience.” The Hennepin-University Partnership was created in 2005 to catalyze and support collaboration between these two large and complex organizations that results in larger benefits to the community. The Hennepin-University Partnership is a unique model of connecting local government and academia: Academics find value in conducting and publishing research that influences public policy, and the County finds value in being involved with cutting edge research in their field and learning about best practices. More than 60 collaborative projects have been initiated under the umbrella of the Partnership, tackling issues such as generational poverty, homelessness, early childhood education, and the impact on urban landscape of new modes of transit.