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ULI Minnesota and the Regional Council of Mayors Housing Initiative: The Importance of Connecting Data with Housing Tools and Strategies.

Date and time: 
February 19, 2010 - 12:00pm - 1:30pm


  • Cathy Bennett, ULI MN/RCM Housing Initiative, Bennett Community Consulting
  • John Carpenter, Excensus LLC

The ULI MN/RCM Housing Initiative includes the Opportunity City Program which is a comprehensive, centralized, sustainable, learning community that provides support and resources to local municipal officials who seek a full range of housing choices including a diverse mix of housing types, sizes and prices. Detailed community change data, provided by Excensus, LLC, was a key component of the ULI MN/RCM Opportunity Cities Program made possible with financial support from the Family Housing Fund and Metropolitan Council.

The PowerPoint presentation from this Housing Forum is available for download (PDF format):

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