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Charles R. Krusell Fellowship in Community Development

Krusell Fellows

Charles Krusell was a pillar in the Twin Cities development community and he left an indelible mark on every effort he undertook. He was a champion for public housing and an ardent advocate for urban renewal in the neighborhoods that needed it most. The fellowship honors his lifetime contributions to affordable housing and community development in the Twin Cities, and is designed to prepare students of color in the University of Minnesota’s Master of Urban and Regional Planning and Master of Public Policy programs to be Minnesota’s next leaders and change makers in community development.

Goals of the Krusell Fellowship

  1. increase the supply of highly trained community development professionals from communities of color;
  2. improve the representation of communities of color in agencies that serve those communities; and
  3. provide hands-on work experiences to ensure students are prepared to meet the challenges in this ever evolving field.

“The professional experiences I gained as a result of the fellowship translated into not only an immediate job offer after graduation, but a professional focus, skill set, and network that I am applying in that position.”

- Miranda Walker, Krusell Alumni

About the Krusell Fellowship

Krusell Fellows receive full tuition support and graduate research assistantships with community development or planning agencies. The program is a partnership between the Humphrey School of Public Affairs and the Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA).

  • The Humphrey School recruits students and delivers the academic program for the fellows. 
  • CURA leads the placement and mentoring of fellows with community development agencies.

Krusell Fellows have been placed in state agencies, community development corporations, nonprofit affordable housing developers and planning agencies. 

  • The work placements are 10 hours a week for the first academic year, full-time (40 hours a week) during the summer, and half-time (20 hours a week) during the second academic year. 
  • Krusell Fellows receive a health care benefit and an hourly wage for their community placement time. 
  • In the 2016, the first year supports about $10,000 in salary for each fellow. The summer is about $10,000. The second year salary is about $14,000.

How to Apply for the Krusell Fellowship

Applications for the fellowship program are accepted once per year in conjunction with a Humphrey School application to the Master of Public Policy or Master of Urban and Regional Planning programs.

Applicants write a two page essay detailing their interest in the Krusell Fellowship. The essay should address the following:

  • applicants interest and experience in housing and community/economic development issues;
  • what skills would the applicant would like to build on or develop;
  • what experiences they are looking for;
  • a vision for a career in community development and
  • the applicants willingness to stay in the Twin Cities area after graduation.

Krusell Fellowship Application Timeline

  • December 15: Humphrey School Application deadline to be considered for University-Wide Fellowships and the Krusell Fellowship
  • January 15: Humphrey School Application deadline to be considered for the Krusell Fellowship
  • About a week after January 15 Humphrey school applicants receive an invitation to apply
  • April 1: Final Humphrey School Application Deadline (Note: January 15 is the deadline to be considered for the Krusell Fellowship)
  • Mid-February: Applicant essays due to Humphrey admissions office

Krusell Fellowship Links

More information about the Krusell Program:

More information about the Humphrey School:

Contact the Admissions Office with questions on academics or applying to the Humphrey School: 612-626-7229, admissions@hhh.umn.edu.

For more information on the Krusell program contact: Andrew Tran, tranx764@umn.edu, 612-625-0744.

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Andrew Tran (612) 625-0744
Neeraj Mehta (612) 624-8988